MaxMind GeoIP Experimentation

Written by Peter Davies on .

This simple tool uses various forms of queries to get information about your IP address. On visiting this page you will have seen the browser asking to use your current location:

Chrome browser screen shot showing location trigger

On success it will popup with a window showing a JSON response containing as much information about your IP address as possible.

Free use of the GeoIP2 JavaScript API is allowed, but to comply with their terms and conditions this website and project uses GeoIP2 JavaScript from MaxMind.

For the JS implementation the supported browsers include:

Browser Platform(s) Version(s)
Chrome Windows XP, 7, 8 Latest stable release only
OS X 10.6
Firefox Windows XP, 7, 8 4-21
OS X 10.6
Internet Explorer Windows XP 8
Windows 7 8, 9
Windows 8 10
Safari Windows 7 5
OS X 10.6 5
OS X 10.8 6
Opera Windows XP, 7 10-12
Linux 12
(native browser) iOS 4.3, 5, 5.1, 6
(native browser) Android 4